Our Story

The real story of L’Orto; What is and how it became is a personal progression of our young family inspired equally by the region in which we reside and the culture that first brought us to the kitchen.

“Brendon’s fondest and most told kitchen stories stem from his time as a youngster working in a small rustic Italian Kitchen ‘which shaped his cooking style and passion for the Mediterranean way of life.” (Quote – Long term friend, college and fellow Italian food aficionado Chriso…)

L’Orto, in it’s essence, is a garden-based way of eating inspired by our deep love for Italian cooking. It is also how we like to cook for our kids and ourselves at home.
Eating less meat, to us, means a lot of things, a healthier fuller life, a better future for our little ones and a greater sense of connectedness.

More importantly it is about sharing.

We cook to feel good and to share, to feel nourished and to gather our loved ones around a table. We are always eating breakfast and talking about what we are going to cook for dinner, it’s one of our favourite things to do as a family.

While we don’t champion one way of eating is better than another, we just like to eat more vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and un-refined sugars, it works for us fitting a big piece of that healthier life puzzle.

Morning farmers markets and supporting local growers adds to that connectedness we were talking about. In turn reducing our food miles while lessening our meat consumption all feels more environmentally responsible.

Everything we wanted to do with L’Orto was share some of the things we love to cook and subjects we are passionate about. In particular the subject of eating more vegetables, all the positive effects that can have on us as individuals, our community, and the world our kids inherit after we are gone.
It all comes back to down to sharing.

Sharing our love of Italian food, the joys of eating more vegetables and sharing the recipes we have grown to love at home.

We hope we can help bring this joy to your own tables to share with the people you love.